Monday, 21 May 2012

A little Stitching and a lot of Painting!

Been busy busy busy! Had a nice trip down south of Taiwan with the family, came back and decided to redecorate my 5yrs old daughters bedroom.  This is my first time decorating - anything! :)
I painted the walls in cream (yes you read right I painted, even surprised myself!) and the ceiling in a pale blue - made a bit of a mess of the floor this being my first time painting in all - took a while to clean up too! My daughter has a severe allergy to dustmites so the room had to be low maintenance - easy to clean, so I bought furniture and shelving that was easy for me to see if there was dust or not.  As you can see in the second photo I even painted a chalk board onto her wall, which I intend to put a boarder around and a tray for chalk.

Found this cute little stool which I couldn't resist which also went into her room -

Remember those hearts I cross stitched?  Well I painted around them as I thought the aida looked boring and framed them myself in some shadow boxes - they have yet to be hung up on to the wall - a job for my husband.

Ordered some stitching stash from YeOlde Stitchery, some of it I need to finish my current Wips! and once again they have me waiting - how long has it been?  A month?  This is the 3rd time I have ordered from them and the second time they've made me wait, 1st time my order took 7 weeks to arrive!  I need to stitch something!  ANYTHING!  So that's what I did - dinoursaurs - friendly dinoursaurs..

Hope to finish them on these cute little wooden easels and then these will go to my 3 year old son.

Still waiting.... so next up is a cute little hedgehog with flowers, this will go in my daughters room ... sigh ... come on Yeolde Stitchery I need my stash...

While I was away on holiday, saw these trees with these unusal flowers - aren't they pretty?

Now I'm off to take a peek at everyone's blogs - Happy Stitching!


  1. You have been busy! Your daughter's room looks lovely. Love the idea of the chalkboard on her wall. Those hearts are soo sweet and the shadowboxes are perfect for them. Hope that stash arrives soon! Nothing worse than waiting for stash to arrive!

  2. The bedroom is so pretty. Lovely stitching too x

  3. This looks beautiful, you have done a great job using IKEA things . I love IKEA and the hearts look lovely in the frames. Thanks for commenting on my blog!AriadnefromGreece!

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