Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scarlet Letter Rosa and Cut Thru Sal Tea Shop update

I know in my last update I said I will work on my Blackbird Design and my ByGone Stitches Christmas Quaker and I did have full intentions to, however, somehow this ended up in my hands - Scarlet Letters, Rosa - this is all over 1 stitching on 30 count and it took me 3 days to stitch myself out of that rose! later on (much, much later on) when the whole piece is completely stitched, I will then fill in the center of that rose with yellow Bullion stitches.

- below is my progress on Bothy Threads Cut Thru - Tea Shop

I have noticed a few people doing "Round Robins" on their blogs, the latest one I've seen is a Joan Elliot one going around and it is gorgeous - can someone please explain to me, how to get involved in one of these round robins and a little bit about what exactly round robins are?
Many thanks,

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Permit me not to Stray - Finish!

I am so pleased with this finish - now on to finding the right frame for it -
Permit me not to Stray
by Heartstring Samplery

 below is my progress on my Cut thru piece here is a link to follow everyone who is participating in the same sal -
Tea Shop (Cut thru Sal)
Bothy Threads

 I will go back to working on my Violets Blue by Blackbirds Design and Christmas Quaker by ByGone Stitches so the next post you see from me will have them showing - 
Hugs and Stitches,

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cut thru - Tea Shop, Violets Blue by BBD and Heartstring Samplery's Permit me not to Stray + a Freebie Finish

As you can see this piece is on my scroll rods, hopefully will be able to have a finish on this in the next week or so - 
 Permit me not to Stray
Heartstring Samplery

- my new start - am loving the colours, gorgeous - 
 Violets Blue
Blackbird Designs

- started this last week and had another go at it last night, nice bright colours -
Tea Shop
Bothy Threads
(Cut Thru Sal)

- a finish on a freebie by Kathy Barrick Designs - freebie link
30 Count Straw by R&R Reproductions
Gentle Art threads
Heirloom Gold, Tarnished Gold
Onyx, Wheat Fields
- please feel free to use my selection of threads and fabric if you so wish - 
I have a frogging story on my Blackbird Designs start below for those interested in the way I frog.
Happy Stitching

My Frogging Story

 Oops!  Stitched the hearts incorrectly :(
Insert needle underneath stitches
 slip scissors underneath needle
 snip snip snip
 until you are all done
 take some sticky tape make a circle, slip on fingers ( this works for cleaning lint off clothing too)
gently collect all the fluff on both the front side and back side of your piece - the back side may need some loosening of the cut stitches with your needle first before you use the tape -
 everything has been cleaned off

 restitch, sit back and admire work.
End of Story.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Moving on over to Bloglovin' :)

Yep I'm on the move as well - will see you all on the other side at Bloglovin'.

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