Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cut thru - Tea Shop, Violets Blue by BBD and Heartstring Samplery's Permit me not to Stray + a Freebie Finish

As you can see this piece is on my scroll rods, hopefully will be able to have a finish on this in the next week or so - 
 Permit me not to Stray
Heartstring Samplery

- my new start - am loving the colours, gorgeous - 
 Violets Blue
Blackbird Designs

- started this last week and had another go at it last night, nice bright colours -
Tea Shop
Bothy Threads
(Cut Thru Sal)

- a finish on a freebie by Kathy Barrick Designs - freebie link
30 Count Straw by R&R Reproductions
Gentle Art threads
Heirloom Gold, Tarnished Gold
Onyx, Wheat Fields
- please feel free to use my selection of threads and fabric if you so wish - 
I have a frogging story on my Blackbird Designs start below for those interested in the way I frog.
Happy Stitching

My Frogging Story

 Oops!  Stitched the hearts incorrectly :(
Insert needle underneath stitches
 slip scissors underneath needle
 snip snip snip
 until you are all done
 take some sticky tape make a circle, slip on fingers ( this works for cleaning lint off clothing too)
gently collect all the fluff on both the front side and back side of your piece - the back side may need some loosening of the cut stitches with your needle first before you use the tape -
 everything has been cleaned off

 restitch, sit back and admire work.
End of Story.


  1. All beautiful work. Can't wait to see your cut-thru grow:)

  2. Wow super sweet stitching ..they all so cute xxx

  3. Gorgeous stitching Amanda! I love all your projects and your frogging technique too.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is beautiful.
    Thank you for the frogging idea - hopefully I won't need it but I'll certainly bear it in mind.
    Bye for now.

  5. Wonderful stitching!! Love how your Permit Me Not to Stray is coming along. I've never tried that way of frogging. I'll have to the next time the frogs come to visit (with the way I've been going lately it will probably be soon).

  6. Permit Me not to Stray is beautiful! I think I need to go order it! All your pieces are looking beautiful and sweet CHS finish. I frog in a similar fashion as you. But, no matter how you do it, it's not fun! Bhope those pesky critters stay far away!

  7. Clever frogging technique and gorgeous stitching as usual. Thank you for the freebie link.

  8. All your stitching looks wonderful... let's hope that frog stays away now.

  9. hahhaha fun to see your frogging story :D It happens to everyone ;)
    beautiful works!! :D

  10. I'm looking forward to your upcoming HD.

    Your projects are looking great!

    I have never thought about doing my frogging that way, especially when you have to snip threads!

  11. Wonderful Wips all look great.hugs

  12. Wow, what a great method - it's so fast! My way takes forever and I lose the will to live. :P All your progress looks absolutely beautiful. Great job!

  13. Beautiful stitching!!
    I'm thinking I have to go look for Permit Me Not To Stray, I love them big flowers
    I love your trick with frogging, no rip, rip
    Take care!!

  14. Your sampler is beautiful! You must be excited to finish it soon. What a great start you have already on Tea Shop! I added the pic to the Cut Thru' SAL page. http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.com/p/bothy-threads-cut-thru-sal.html

    Thanks for the frogging technique. Great tutorial! LOL

  15. Great progress on all your pieces Amanda. Debbie and I started the Cut-thru SAL. I just became a follower. If you have the time please stop by my blog and say hi.



  16. Great WIPS. Thank you so much for your advice on frogging. A great idea. This is why I love blogging. You can get good advice and ideas to make your stitching better or at least easier!

  17. Such beautiful WIPs and your BBD freebie finish is so cute... Hadn't seen that one before so thanks so much for the link. Good idea for the frogging, too, Amanda!

  18. Lots of beautiful projects that you are working on. Love the colors in the A&E, it is really gorgeous!

  19. Beautiful projects. Really like Permit me not to Stray's colors. I frog like that except for the needle thing but really like that idea and will add to my "frogging story".

  20. I like your "frogging" technique. Unfortunately I got to try it out myself this week. So easy! Thanks for sharing.