Sunday, 5 January 2014

Awesome start to a New Year!

Brrr it's cold tonight!  I had all intention of showing my Mary Ann Farmer tonight but I had a rather intense frogging session so I am rather not impressed with her, she's been causing me trouble right from the first x I put into her and have now run out of thread, so will have to go in tomorrow and pick up some more - now these two samplers have been well behaved even though one of them had a run in with a dog as you can see the tear in my Sweet Humility sampler by Carriage House Samplings in the first photo - I had to fray check the tear and hopefully I can leave it like this without further damage incurring - I have one more page of writing to do and then on to some flowers down the bottom and my Sweet Humility will be finished.

 this next sampler is my Christmas Band Sampler by Heartstring Samplery, again run out of thread will hopefully pick up some more tomorrow ..

I hope everyone had a great start to the year - I celebrated with my husband and friends - thought I'd share some photos of my night - why didn't I get a photo of my dress?  I had a fabulous dress on, a missed opportunity as I may never fit into it again!  Anyway these photos are taken here in Taipei City, Taiwan right next to Taipei 101 which for one very short period of time was the tallest building in the world - from the beginning to the end it was a pretty awesome night - 

Have a good one and let's all have an awesome year of stitching! ... and maybe a few nights of partying ... if I can find a babysitter that is :)
P.S. Have been hanging out on Facebook quite a bit lately following the stitching scene there, anyone else doing the same?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Busy busy busy!

As I am sure we all are especially those with family.  Seems like every year that passes the more busier I become, mind you I don't suppose it has helped that the whole family has come down with a nasty virus and we had a moment of temporary insanity and decided to go down to the pound and adopt a dog.
Now you don't want to adopt an energetic street dog that's used to doing it's own thing when you are sick and looking after 3 sick children who are also sick, it's only been two days and I've spent the whole time cleaning up dog doo doo and pee, cleaning up children's vomit, mopping floors, vacuuming excessively due to the dog malting also excessively (I have polished tile on the ground floor there is no hiding that dog hair which of course is not the dogs fault but after a bath and a groom, really?!) and walking the dog every 2 hours trying to convince the dog outside is a good place to pee, not in the comfort of my home!  Anyhoo the timing is wrong I think to adopt an animal, I thought I could handle kids and dog but obviously I can't, nice dog but I will be taking the dog back Monday when the pound opens - don't worry this place dosn't put animals to sleep and is one of the busiest places for adoptions so hopefully someone with a but more energy than myself will come along and give this dog a chance.  Sometimes I hate myself for the decisions I make, I guess I am used to the living conditions in NZ where we have front lawns and backyards and footpaths to walk on, a place not only more ideal for dogs but children also.
  I have a couple of Samplers to show today, one (yes I am complaining here) the dog jumped all over not once but three times no matter where I put it! but despite this received no damage and this Sampler is The Humility Sampler by Carriage House Samplings which I really love working on as you become used to working the letters and can set up a rhythm without having to search for the next symbol.

Excuse me for not taking it out of my hoop but I'm still working on it and it's in a good position for me.  Just a note here as well, even though this is in a hoop I do use the method of one hand under one hand on top to stitch, I do this by sitting the hoop off to one side on my lap, I hope that makes sense.

 Mary Ann Farmer by The Scarlett House

This just arrived in the mail, happy me - Metta Putfarcken 1848 by Samplers Berlin

Something for the year 2014 :)  
I heard of a lady finishing her Metta in just 3 months!  Hear me choking!  Well I am not sure how long this one will take me but just lettin you know, don't hold your breath!  Probably be working this one in HDF silks and use her linen as well and do a tea dye on the linen.
Anyone else have an exciting new project they can't wait to make a start on for the year 2014?
Much love,

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sampler Sunday

Okay short post tonight, the wee ones have worn me out for the day ..
.. the first photo was taken friday daytime but I managed to do a bit more the same day so I just took a quick snap now - I do love this piece so and wish I had more time to stitch on it but then I guess that is always the way isn't it?

Mary Ann Farmer
The Scarlett House


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hope everyone is shopping to save money -

If you havn't already pop on over to ABC Stitch Therapy they are having an awesome 20 percent off everything!  Their shipping rates are reasonable for people like me who don't live in the USA - I just managed to save 35 dollars on my order!  Awesome!!
Want to know what I put in my basket?  Well I decided to join the Sampler World Snooty Parrots SAL 2014. so supplies for that went in - anyone else going to join me?  Plus I put in a half yard of Sheeps Straw Linen for a couple of BBD charts I have and a fat quarter of Cashel Linen for a project I saw in Cross stitch and Needlework Magazine - Now I had better get off this computer and clean the house :(
Love to hear if anyone else saved some money shopping the sales this week - any good deals?

Sampler Sunday

What do you think of the post title?  I think I will make Sunday my post day for whatever Sampler I have picked up during the week and made some progress on - also I have put up some pages for my Samplers that I have either finished or am currently working on that I will slowly add to over the next few days, kinda organize my blog a bit.
So here it is - Sampler Sunday

Hey and thanks to everyone that made a comment about some paint colours for my house, it really helped clear my head a bit on what would look good - I have narrowed my paint choices down to just a few so will pick up some paint samples to see how they look in my home.
I am also hoping to pick up some bug off frog spray, my home has been really badly infested with the little buggers lately - Bug off Frog!
Happy Stitching - 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Paint color ideas - anyone?

 Not much stitching to show I'm afraid - another new start this time on Mary Ann Farmer from The Scarlett House - this one is gorgeous, how could I resist?  Stats: 40 count Antique White Newcastle Linen - NPI Silks 2 over 2.

I have wanted to paint the interior walls of my house for several years now, a couple of weeks ago I decided to go ahead and do it myself - after agonizing over paint colors I decided to take it slow and paint room by room before deciding on the next's rooms color - I thought this pale blue was the way to go for my dining room and my stairs - now that it's done I don't like it at all - I have a lot of dark wood in my house and this pale blue makes everything look cold.  So I've put my paint brush down and am scratching my head on what would look good with all this dark wood?  I am thinking perhaps some strong colors - red keeps popping into my head, but do I want red?  Turquoise?  And then what shade?  I've ordered a green paint from the paint shop too but now realize that no that won't work either - Any suggestions from anyone?
Yes my living room is a mess - I have been painting - so a lot of stuff has been moved up to second floor and I'm a bit behind on house duties so I've been trying to play catch up on some washing etc so please ignore the chaos!

 As some of you know I recently purchased a new car and mentioned that I would share some photos - unfortunately I couldn't get a photo without my husbands butt sticking out from the car!  Wish he would leave the car alone, he's installed everything known to man in the thing and keeps going onto the Ford Fiesta forum to see what other modifications he can do, it's starting to look a little boy racer's car, not a 39 year old mother's of four.

On another note I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support in my last post - we went to court yesterday and manged to walk away with just a warning - a big sigh of relief!

Please help me with some paint ideas - I have my entire house to paint yet and I'm stuck on the 1st floor!

Much love,

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sometimes life ain't fair.

Sometimes life isn't fair.  It's my birthday in a couple of weeks I will be turning 39, I decided it would be a good idea to clean out my wardrobe and get rid of anything that I wouldn't use or couldn't get away wearing anymore, so with that intention I cleaned out my wardrobe donated a lot of my clothing and some accessories to a charity organisation and the rest I decided to take photos of and put up on the local auction pages here in Taiwan as I had a fair bit of stuff I didn't think was suited for charity. 
Now one of the items I listed was a imitation Louis Vuitton bag which I bought on my first trip to Taiwan 13 years ago, this was my first trip to an asian country I was from a small town in New Zealand and we didn't have any big label designers like Louis Vuitton in the country at that time.  So I was out doing the tourist thing and shopping at one of the big department stores here in Taipei called Sogo, I walked outside and down the street a little and there on the side of the road were a few people selling things and one of these people were selling bags lots of bags I would say several hundred and these bags were gorgeous, we had nothing like this back in New Zealand so I stopped to have a look and realised these were copy bags of many well known bag designers, I mean once you were up close you could tell straight away they were copy even me who had never seen a real one could tell this, however it was night time on a very busy street and I was very excited to be in such a developed city and was having a great time so with much convincing by the salesperson I bought myself a imitation LV bag. 
During my first visit to Taiwan I became friends with a Taiwanese man whom later would become my husband :)
I had second thoughts about my LV bag purchase and decided I didn't want it and left it in it's dust jacket at my Taiwanese friends home and went back to New Zealand, after a few more visits to Taiwan the man that was my friend became my fiance then 5 years later my husband - fast forward to present day 3 kids and 13 years later, my fake LV bag remained in it's dust jacket never once removed and used in the back of my wardrobe until that is I decided it was time to get rid of all and anything not wanted or used!
I put this bag up for auction making it clear that this bag even though it had written all over it Louis Vuitton it was in fact not a genuine article and the giveaway price also reflected this, this item was listed alongside other unwanted personal items and the very next day the police showed up at our door and arrested my husband for illegaly selling a fake LV bag - which okay our or at least my bad - unfortunately it gets worse, a lawyer called up yesterday and informed us that Louis Vuitton is suing us for two hundred thousand Taiwanese dollars or $6,800 US dollars !!!!!
So sometimes life ain't fair and that's my story for today and I have just made myself a bourbon and coke and after posting this plan to go blog reading all the while feeling very sorry for myself.
hope everyone out there is having a better day than me - see told you, feeling sorry for myself.
Much love,