Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bucilla felt kits

Well I've finally managed to get the computer to myself, though for ten minutes only as I think my dear husband wants to hog it again!  So I will try to make this quick.
Just want to say thankyou everyone for the support you gave me the day of my operation - everything went smoothly and I am rather pleased with the results - fingers crossed these ones last me a while!
   I havn't been doing much cross stitch work since the operation - instead I've pulled out some Christmas felt kits by Bucilla - I figure I had better get a move on with these as I am not sure if I will be able to have them done in time - the first kit is an Advent Calender, so this definately has to be ready by the beginning of December.  This is a really cute kit - comes with lights - awesome!

It's really quite big as you can see ..

this is where I am up to at this stage - a lot of fun!

this is a Bucilla kit as well - Santa banner - I actually started this 2 years ago - naughty me - didn't make it in time for Christmas!  The bottom santa and the bottom A have yet to be attached and I still have to do some bells and leaves - attach a backing and a rod to hang it by - which is not much really, then it will be finished.

 And I can't help myself, I know - I am addicted to these felt kits!  This is Patchwork Santa and I would love to work on him next - isn't he darling?

I have one more felt kit that I started last year - which is a tree skirt but I won't be working on that this year and is way too big for my Iphone to take a photo of and as I havn't firgured out all the Chinese jargon on this computer to download a photo from a camera and then downsize it for blogger - there will be no photo until maybe next year when I pick it up again and then as I doubt I will be any smarter in a years time, I will ask husband to help me put the photo on blogger for you all to enjoy.
Well I had better hand the computer back over to my husband as I know he wants to use it before he goes off to work, so take care everybody and I will chat again soon!

Hugs and Stitches,

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Today is the day!

 Well - here it is the day has finally arrived for my operation - breast operation that is, and what have I spent the morning doing in preperation?  Why cleaning of course!  Got the kiddies all fed and dressed, dropped them off to daycare - luckily they also agreed to take my 1 year old for the day as well - then I came come and cleaned - no small feat in my house - 3 storey house, mopped all floors - cleaned 5 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - 3 loads of washing - dishes - cleaned couch - dusted - wiped mirrors- emptied rubbish bins and now last but of course by no means least, update blog.
And I'm hungry and thirsty - not allowed food or water - sounds kinda of cruel dosn't it?  I mean no water - really?

Not much stitching going on, you know how it is - busy, busy, busy!
Saw this on another person's blog - and they said they were going to stitch it but I havn't seen anything of it since - however I fell in love with it and knew I had to stitch it for myself, so here it is - Great Harvest by Diane Arthurs

I thought I would include this photo of my cat sleeping on our back fence as evidence that cats can sleep anywhere - what you are not seeing is the big drop down into a river on the other side and I assure you he is fast asleep!

Well I'm heading off shortly, my op is in 2 hours and is in Taipei city and as you can see by the last photo I'm not - I'm taking my stitching with me so hopefully I can get in a few stitches while I'm there - take care everybody and I will chat again soon!
Hugs and Stitches,