Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sarah Day Sampler

I don't know how many eyelets there are in that last row (as I'm too lazy to count) but it's a lot!  Started in on the alphabet all done in the eyelet stitch, pretty yes but not the most fun to work.
For those that were asking if I was going to make this into a bag once finished - the answer is yes - that is what attracted me to this sampler in the first place, I think it will be fun.  You can read more about the sampler here.
Hope everyone is enjoying their day, it's a hot one here today I tell you!
Take care and thanks for looking,

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bothy threads sal update

I have installed a stove into my tea shop, well almost anyway, still a few stitches short of completion.  Actually I don't know what that thing is, as it is attached to a chimney, is it a fireplace slash cooktop?  I don't know but the whole design has been fun to stitch, I am starting to eye up other Cut thru designs wondering what I should stitch next, who knows maybe I will get the urge to stitch the whole series, lol!

Tea Shop
Cut thru Series
Bothy Threads

Thank you for looking,

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I do love me Samplers ..

My Camera wouldn't allow me to take a photos direct on that wasn't washed out, so let's just skip this first photo shall we?

... ahhh, this is better!  Isn't she pretty?  From the latest Magazine, Sampler & Antique Needlework Summer 2013, Sarah Day Sampler Bag, 1827.  The magazine article says that the maker of this sampler apparently decided to turn her sampler into a drawstring bag, based on the apparent age of the bags lining.
 I think this is just adorable and couldn't resist stitching her up for myself.

R&R Reproduction Linen - Straw 30 Count
DMC threads

A photo showing the original sampler from the magazine.

And how about this pretty little thing?  Also from the same magazine - think this would look good in my bedroom, love the blue.

photo of the original taken from the magazine, says original was stitched on 55 count silk gauze with silk threads.

Well as much as I would love to continue working on my Sarah Day sampler today, alas that cannot be as I have a Bothy Threads sal I must do, not to mention a dirty house to tend to - insert groan - so as always my friends, ignore the husband, children and the housework (but of course you can play with your pets) and keep on stitching!
xxx Amanda

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bothy Threads Sal Progress on Tea Shop

Sorry guys, I know it's been some time - haven't blogged or been reading blogs, but there has been a whole bunch of stuff going on in my life that I had to put down my needle for, well ... for a least a short while.
  However despite the dramas going on in my life right now, I have been able to keep up with my Bothy Threads Sal - so without further ado... drum roll please...

... hopefully will be back on track with my stitching and have more to show - so thats all from me for now, will be checking in on you all over the next few days -
- big hugs from me to you - Amanda