Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Travelling Pattern Jolly Jack has arrived!

Jolly Jack has arrived from Devon  - yay, thankyou Devon!  Now Jolly Jack is a travelling pattern so watch me stitch him up and be here for when I announce he's ready to move on.

Here's my progress so far...

...this is only one night's worth of stitching so he's not going to take very long, also I've done my own conversion to Gentle Art Threads simply because the required Week Dye Work threads were not available to me - but that's okay cause the colours I pulled are very similiar.  Look he's grinning :)
Okay enough of that, I notice that I am soooo very close to my 50 followers giveaway mark - so close - so very very close - are you excited?  I know I am.
Jolly stitching everyone,

Monday, 20 August 2012

All things great and small

Hello everybody - hope you all had a great weekend, first up I would like to say hi to my new followers - welcome to my little corner of blogland!
  When I reach 50 followers I will do a giveaway to celebrate my little milestone - so stay tuned!
First up is my Alphabet Girl by LHN - not much progress here, completed border and more of her dress and did her boots - run out of red thread so will continue on with the alphabet and verse...

 ... received my Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch and couldn't resist this little guy by Prairie Schooler - YeoW! :)

Started my All Things Great and Small Chart which has a collection of small designs from 9 designers in memorial of Kris from Norden Crafts - although I am leaving the memorial aspect out of it and making it more about our love for animals and enjoying them as part of our life.  The original chart had a brown coloured background which I wasn't happy about, so I chose this green colour called Bitter Betty Brew from R&R Reproductions and am so far happy with the colour choice .. 3 done 6 to go, had to take 2 photos of it separately as I used my iphone to take the pictures but you get the idea.

My youngest son will be turning one on Friday, it's been a long year with a lot of the time spent in hospital but he's well on the way to being a healthy boy and am looking forward to celebrating his birthday.  The in laws are invited which will be hard for me as they are Taiwanese and well I'm not, even though I have been in Taiwan now for 12 years I still find it hard to relate to the culture and at times find myself rebelling against it!  Naughty me I know!  After I invited them my husband then informed me I would have to cook up an elaborate meal for them wine and all and wait on them and him during their visit - and to make matters worse his parents decided to invite some of their friends along to celebrate as well and we don't even know these people!  More people for me to cook for and take care of!   Of course I wasn't to happy about that and told him he can fire up the barbecue and take care of them himself - I plan to enjoy my sons birthday and make sure he does to!  I know, I know, I can be like this sometimes - rebellious and stubborn!
That's all from me for now - Happiness is Stitching!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Hill finish and some new starts

My Summer Hill by By The Bay Needleart is finished - she has more in different seasons that I want to stitch - I have Spring Hill which I will stitch next.

This is my Alphabet Rhyme that I started a while back and I had to unpick the entire alphabet song which I had stitched one stitch out - grrr - then my Qsnap squashed my girl flat which I tried to ignore but in the end couldn't so I unpicked her as well - grrr grrr - but I've got my stitching mojo back for her and this is my progress although I am going to run out of red thread and will have to order in from the good old U S of A - GRRRR!

This is my Blessings and Kind Wishes start from BBD's

I won a giveaway from Carol at Stitching'n'Stashing and this is one of the charts she gave me - I didn't like their choice of fabric for the chart so I decided to pick my own and this is what I came up with - Bitter Betty Brew from R&R

Pray this post finds everyone in good health!

My HAED buys...

I couldn't resist ...

QS Toucan Falls

QS Bethany

QS Nina

QS Valarie

QS Heart on Her Sleeve


Kompanions if only I can stitch them all :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Silver Creek Samplers - Check out her new Blog!

Just want to let everyone know Diane from Silver Creek Samplers has a new blog an she hasn't yet much of a following - so if you could all go check her out she has a couple new releases she has put up on her blog one of which I have already purchased the pattern to - I love her patterns don't you?
Silver Creek Samplers  If this link dosn't work shes in my blog reading list - Go visit her don't forget to comment and if you could all be so generous as to help get word out there about her new blog as she seems so nice and we like nice people right? thankyou and look forward to reading everyones blogs!

Summer Hill progress

I am posting this from my phone as I am in Hospital with my son and dont have access to a computer so if this post looks messy I apologize. You would think with this much time in hospital I would have got more stitching done but the constant stream of visitors from other patients has been keeping my son awake. I am hoping for some stitching time tonight - fingers crossed!
Thankyou for all the kind words about my son and for those that prayed for his wellbeing.
My son was operated on Monday, then released Tuesday and unfortunately has had to be re-admitted to Hospital on Thursday due to another infection which has gone to his kidneys, I had assumed the operation he had would stop his illness but I have been told this is not the case. As this is the weekend he wont have a full examination til Monday so I will know then more about his current condition.
Reading everyones blogs has been keeping my spirits up during this difficult and stressful time and for that I thank everyone - basically you all have been saving my sanity!
Okay neighbors visitors have gone and sons asleep I am going to sneek out to buy a hot cocoa so I can get some more stitching done - and because I have an irrational fear of lifts and we are up on the 10th floor I have to climb back up ten flights of stairs - well actually its twenty but hey whos counting?