Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Christmas Theme: PS Santa's - Xmas Teddy's - A Christmas Sampler and a New Car!

Hello, hope today finds you in a good mood, I know I am ... and you will find out why at the end of this post ... first up - finished stitching another PS Santa and started another ...

... got side tracked by Fizzy Moon and his little friend rushing out into the snow to play...

 ... just have to finish the back-stitching ...

... started a Christmas Sampler by Scarlet Letter, been a slow start with this one, I am new to counted satin stitch and just couldn't get that flower looking right - I stopped counting after I got to 7 as to how many times I cut the flower out and restarted and I actually completed the whole flower twice before once again cutting it out and restarting - anyhoo.. the threads on the fabric did become weak in that area, I took a weeks break from it and woke up one morning determined to conquer all - 3 hours later flower done!! Also ripped out the eyelet border that I had stitched with one thread and restitched with 2 .. I still have a long way to go with this one so hopefully I have gotten a good understanding of counted satin now otherwise it will be a few more christmas's to pass before this will be completed ...

... now, on to why I am so happy today - New Car, New Car!  Went out and bought myself a new car and get to pick it up today - so excited!  It won't be blue like in the picture, I chose white and also will be having the windows tinted fairly dark like in the photo because we saw a customers car at the shop done this way and it looked really good.  So happy day!

 Had better get ready to go pick up my new ride - my daughter wants me to pick her up from school so she can come with me as she's excited too - I told her she can talk to the car and the car will respond that's why she's so excited - modern technology can be so much fun - so that's all from me for now, will share photo's - take care and hugs ~

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Prairie Schooler - Old World Santas

I recently got side tracked by some Prairie Schooler Santas - they are just way too cute - was just going to stitch one ... but you know how it is ... what can I say?  Way too cute ...


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Writers Block? Blogging Block?

Well whatever you want to call it I seem to have it, time to get over it and post my stitching works - warning this post contains a lot of wrinkles! - without further awaiting first up -
Violet's Blue
Blackbird Designs
30ct Iced Cappuccino - R&R Reproductions Linen
GA WDW & CC threads
(waiting on threads to finish)

Sweet Humility
Carriage House Samplings
40 ct Pear - Lakeside Linens - NPI Silks
(long and skinny this one, just how I wish I was)

.... hmmm I know I put that magazine somewhere ..
well as you can see it's a bear with flowers, I know he's
an Anchor design and he's from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine
if anyone really wants to know more information I will hunt down the magazine for you
and let you know what issue - I did this as a gift to my daughter for her daycare graduation
or leaving daycare starting school  (awaiting framing).
14 ct light blue Aida with DMC
 Tea Shop Cut Thru Design
Bothy Threads
So close to a finish, oh and it would be so nice to have a finish on this one.
More tree to do, backstitching and french knots and a darn good wash and iron needed!

Whoo hoo, I did it!  I think I may have gotten over my writers/ blogging block - I have started a Scarlet Letter Sampler called the Christmas Sampler, will show that next time.
Take Care,