Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Band Sampler progress ...

Here we are ... a nice night shot of my Christmas Band Sampler - just finished working on it for the night and thought I would make a quickie post - 2 pages down 2 more to go - ran out of thread, that's why you can see some gaps - the letter V is sitting higher on the line than the others, it is charted that way - I hope it's a deliberate boo boo on the designers part.

Short and sweet tonight -

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

O' Come All Ye Faithful - Indeed!

Christmas Quaker ll by ByGone Stitches - before and after.  There is some back-stitching of some song titles to go in, however I will leave that til last as I am using a hoop to stitch this and worry that some of those back stitches may come loose.

And this is why it pays to get a second opinion!  As some of you know, I have been having some healing problems after my recent Breast Surgery and my cosmetic doctor recommended me to take them back out - heal - then replace them with some smaller ones this time via the armpit - WELL!  I decided to seek a second opinion and thank God I did!  I went to a very famous hospital here, who are known for only hiring the best in the country - the doctor I saw specialized in reconstructive surgery this included breast implants for cancer patients - after he got over the shock of the size of my implants (I personally do not feel that they are that big) he proclaimed nothing is wrong - there is no sign of infection (my cosmetic surgeon was worried about that) the leaking of fluid from my wounds was minimal (I've had to go back in 4 times to receive more stitches to try and close up my incisions) and would heal, I just need to give them more time.  Well you can guess who's "professional" opinion I am going to take - will be going back in this afternoon to see my cosmetic doctor give him the news and perhaps receive some more stitches (still leaking from the left side - very annoying)?

Hope everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit and is in good health and know that there is nothing to feel ashamed about when wearing padded bras.
Lots of love for you all,

Monday, 3 December 2012

I love stitches - just not in me!

An update on my stitching - Christmas Band Sampler - below is where I was last week and where I am today - am going to run out of some of my colours - wish they would list how many skeins of thread you would need to complete the project when more than one skein is needed - that's my only grumble - otherwise, loving it.

Unfortunately I am still experiencing problems with my recent surgery - had to go back in for yet more stitches on Saturday - I am seeking a second opinion from a hospital Cosmetic Surgeon tomorrow as my Cosmetic Doctor is recomending me to remove my current implants - go through a healing process, then implant some smaller ones this time via my armpit, which I would like to avoid if at all possible, because really I don't think I can handle anymore surgery for a long long while!