Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Anne Depauw Sampler

Another Scarlet Letter piece I have started stitching The Anne Depauw Sampler, this one dated 1714. 
I have been a little obsessed with this sampler and probably won't work on anything else until she's done. Just love the pastel colours. It's all been stitching up fairly quickly til now, as you can see I am working an area with all over one stitching, the linen which was supplied with the kit is 35 count so the over one is taking a fair while, however never mind that's the way it is with stitching, sometimes fast sometimes slow, I am having fun and that's the main thing. 
I have another Scarlet Letter kit in the mail, hopefully arrive here soon, was an OOP design but Martha owner of The Scarlet Letter found some charts hiding in storage, lucky me, can't wait to show you, she's simple yet beautiful. 

Wishing your day full of happy little x's,


  1. That is a beautiful sampler. You are brave with all the over ones!

  2. Good luck with the over one stitching - beautiful work so far.

  3. It looks beautiful! Lovely stitching :D

  4. The sampler is beautiful--looking forward to following your progress and seeing your finish

  5. Love the colors also. How are the poodles?

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