Saturday, 21 December 2013

Busy busy busy!

As I am sure we all are especially those with family.  Seems like every year that passes the more busier I become, mind you I don't suppose it has helped that the whole family has come down with a nasty virus and we had a moment of temporary insanity and decided to go down to the pound and adopt a dog.
Now you don't want to adopt an energetic street dog that's used to doing it's own thing when you are sick and looking after 3 sick children who are also sick, it's only been two days and I've spent the whole time cleaning up dog doo doo and pee, cleaning up children's vomit, mopping floors, vacuuming excessively due to the dog malting also excessively (I have polished tile on the ground floor there is no hiding that dog hair which of course is not the dogs fault but after a bath and a groom, really?!) and walking the dog every 2 hours trying to convince the dog outside is a good place to pee, not in the comfort of my home!  Anyhoo the timing is wrong I think to adopt an animal, I thought I could handle kids and dog but obviously I can't, nice dog but I will be taking the dog back Monday when the pound opens - don't worry this place dosn't put animals to sleep and is one of the busiest places for adoptions so hopefully someone with a but more energy than myself will come along and give this dog a chance.  Sometimes I hate myself for the decisions I make, I guess I am used to the living conditions in NZ where we have front lawns and backyards and footpaths to walk on, a place not only more ideal for dogs but children also.
  I have a couple of Samplers to show today, one (yes I am complaining here) the dog jumped all over not once but three times no matter where I put it! but despite this received no damage and this Sampler is The Humility Sampler by Carriage House Samplings which I really love working on as you become used to working the letters and can set up a rhythm without having to search for the next symbol.

Excuse me for not taking it out of my hoop but I'm still working on it and it's in a good position for me.  Just a note here as well, even though this is in a hoop I do use the method of one hand under one hand on top to stitch, I do this by sitting the hoop off to one side on my lap, I hope that makes sense.

 Mary Ann Farmer by The Scarlett House

This just arrived in the mail, happy me - Metta Putfarcken 1848 by Samplers Berlin

Something for the year 2014 :)  
I heard of a lady finishing her Metta in just 3 months!  Hear me choking!  Well I am not sure how long this one will take me but just lettin you know, don't hold your breath!  Probably be working this one in HDF silks and use her linen as well and do a tea dye on the linen.
Anyone else have an exciting new project they can't wait to make a start on for the year 2014?
Much love,


  1. I think that is a good decision about the dog Amanda. You can always try again when the time is right. And the dog is right. ;)
    What a cool, cool sampler Metta is!! Wow! Love it. I will be starting a big project shortly. It is a gift for my husband. He and I chose it together. Should be interesting. I have never done a Riolis kit before. I can always ask you, right?
    God bless you and your family this Christmas!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been sick and that the dog adoption didn't go well! You're working on some beautiful samplers.

  3. Wow, that looks intense! That's certainly ambitious of you :D The Humility Sampler looks incredible so far. I find with large projects like this that I enjoy stitching along on them, but the moment I finish I'm sick of the sight of them and have to put them away for a while before I work up the energy to get them framed. Strange, right?

  4. Beautiful samplers. Sorry about the dog but some things just aren't meant to be.

  5. you are now on a very beautiful project ! :)
    incredible stitching...
    A wonderful Christmas to you and yours

  6. Merry Christmas Amanda! I sure hope you are all okay and that the virus has passed. I had to chuckle at your decision to adopt a dog during all the madness...maybe a way out of the madness?! I'm glad the pound will take him back and find a new home. Maybe once your children are a bit older and can help with the walking and cleaning!! Love your sampler progress and holy moly! That Metta is massive and so impressive!! Hugs

  7. Wow! I'm exhausted just reading about everything you went through with the sick family and the new dog! Your samplers are beautiful. I wonder what color floss you will use for Metta. It will be amazing.

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