Monday, 16 April 2012

Blackberry Welcome

Here's Blackberry Welcome by Sweetheart Tree, done most of the stitching - the back stitching is making my head spin a bit - will add beads in the next couple of days - it says on the instructions you can add the coloured beads how you wish you would like your blackberrys to look - ripe or a little green - so that should be interesting.

Started another small pattern by La D Da - was wondering while I was stitching it why I wasn't loving it - the fabric they provided was the wrong colour! too dark - the thread for my flower stem and leaves too similiar to the fabric - too bad!  Will order some more fabric in and start again.

Okay Okay! So my Quaker Diamonds is getting a little neglected - am still working on it - just slowly -

Thought this was funny when I saw this on my Iphone so thought I would share - a picture taken by my 5 year old daughter of me stitching in my nightie by lamp light while everyone was watching tv -

Back to Stitching!


  1. Quaker Hearts is really looking beautiful! The colors in it are just wonderful! I don't know... from your picture, I think the stem and leaves look pretty good. Maybe IRL, they look closer but I kind of like it.
    Sweet picture of you stitching with your little one by your side. Makes you go, "ahhhh"!

  2. Oh yeah, and Blackberry Welcome is adorable! Love the checked fabric!

  3. Beautiful work! I have just recently discovered La-D-Da designs and really like the one you're working on. I hate it when the thread and fabric either clash or get along too well. Very cute photo of you and your little one. I remember trying to get in stitching time when mine was that age - never easy.

  4. Quaker Hearts is coming along very nicely! Isn't it annoying when the called for fabric doesn't look anything like it should from the picture on the chart. I've had that happen too. Looking forward to seeing your finished blackberries with the different beads. Love the picture! Your little one is adorable, sitting there as good as gold while you get some stitching time in!