Monday, 2 April 2012

Beautiful Day!

I pulled out my frame and dusted it off, yes it's been that long since I used it!  And this is what I had on it, a country cottage - the tweeding on the roof even though it looked great, wore me out, and to make matters worse I had basted the fabric onto the frame the wrong way and I was to lazy to correct it, so I kept plugging away at it even though it was at an uncomfortable position to work on but eventually of course I gave up and put it away.
Now that I've had a fresh look at it, it's looking kinda interesting again - might put it on my Qsnap and pick away at it, havn't got that much more on it to go, really..

So!  Quaker Diamonds is on the frame and as you can see my frame is way to big!  But nevermind it will do for now - I hope!

My cat has found himself a girlfriend finally at the grand old age of 14!  She's a stray - been recently hanging around the house sleeping in my garden and also started meowing outside my house for food, then after I saw her eating dried up leaves outside my door I quickly ran into my kitchen and pulled out a tin of canned fish for her which, when I put outside she polished off in no time!  Poor thing!  Now she runs inside my house every morning pushing my cat out of the way for her breakfast which she gobbles up and then races back outside again!  As you can see I put a towel down outside to give her something to sleep on though,  as you can see my cat has also found it quite comfortable as well.

Have a beautiful day stitching!