Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hedgehog with flowers

A quick update on my progress with 'hedgehog with flowers'.  Alas my stitching stash has not arrived from Yeolde stitchery yet - it's been 6 weeks - last order with them took 2 months, so I gather that they just don't have things in stock like they claim they do - nevermind and never again - on with the stitching..!

... decided it would be fun to see my progress after each session of working on it - as you can see  - done a little back stitching on it just to get some of it out of the way as those flowers and leaves are going to need a lot of back stitching when they are finished - also his eyes will get done last.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Hope that stash arrives soon! What a cute hedgehog!I know how much detail there is in this one so you're making great progress.

  2. You know, it's not their fault it hasn't arrived...Have you ever thought 'Maybe it takes time to ship and I don't live in the CENTRE OF THEIR UNIVERSE?' Have you ever thought that they have OTHER people to ship stuff to as well? That you aren't the ONLY one in the entire world buying stuff from them?
    Well, I guess you haven't.

    1. Not going to argue with you here about that company, I gave them two chances for prompt delivery and good customer service, they failed in both departments so now I shop elsewhere, simple as that.