Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quaker Diamonds

 Here's a start on my Quaker Diamonds, am loving it!  The colours are fabulous!

Another heart finished!

Another started! this will be the final heart, yay! 

And to finish things off, a picture of my just groomed Afghan Hound.  Isn't she pretty?


  1. Love your Quaker Diamonds start. Such nice colours on the fabric. Looking forward to watching your progress on this one. What a cute heart too and great pic of your Afghan!

  2. Quaker Diamonds is a beautiful chart and so is your stitching! I love your Afghan Hound! I always wanted one of them when I was growing up but my folks said "no". Now, I know I wouldn't want to groom them as much as they need but I think they are one of the most beautiful dogs!

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