Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hearts and Quakers

Here is an update on my heart, it's the 7th one I'm working on, so only one more to go!  I would have loved to have finished this by now but looking after 3 little ones dosn't leave much time for stitching, which is why I'm sticking to small projects at this time and easy projects, hard to stitch when you are tired - Hell, hard to type when youre tired - sorry, didn't catch many Zzzz's last night... where am I?  Oh yeah, picture!

Purchased some fabric and threads online for a couple of charts I have and have been waiting for them to arrive.  Like the addict I am, I have been anxiously keeping a keen ear out for the mailman's holler that we have mail, maybe today,huh?
Can't wait to sink my needle into these.

Yep! It's Quaker time!  123stitch had a Quaker sale and as usual I couldn't resist, whipped out the credit card quicker than the other, more sensible side of my brain could say "now wait a dang minute!"
What you think?  You like?
I definately like!
Now, where is that darn mailman...?