Thursday, 21 November 2013

Paint color ideas - anyone?

 Not much stitching to show I'm afraid - another new start this time on Mary Ann Farmer from The Scarlett House - this one is gorgeous, how could I resist?  Stats: 40 count Antique White Newcastle Linen - NPI Silks 2 over 2.

I have wanted to paint the interior walls of my house for several years now, a couple of weeks ago I decided to go ahead and do it myself - after agonizing over paint colors I decided to take it slow and paint room by room before deciding on the next's rooms color - I thought this pale blue was the way to go for my dining room and my stairs - now that it's done I don't like it at all - I have a lot of dark wood in my house and this pale blue makes everything look cold.  So I've put my paint brush down and am scratching my head on what would look good with all this dark wood?  I am thinking perhaps some strong colors - red keeps popping into my head, but do I want red?  Turquoise?  And then what shade?  I've ordered a green paint from the paint shop too but now realize that no that won't work either - Any suggestions from anyone?
Yes my living room is a mess - I have been painting - so a lot of stuff has been moved up to second floor and I'm a bit behind on house duties so I've been trying to play catch up on some washing etc so please ignore the chaos!

 As some of you know I recently purchased a new car and mentioned that I would share some photos - unfortunately I couldn't get a photo without my husbands butt sticking out from the car!  Wish he would leave the car alone, he's installed everything known to man in the thing and keeps going onto the Ford Fiesta forum to see what other modifications he can do, it's starting to look a little boy racer's car, not a 39 year old mother's of four.

On another note I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support in my last post - we went to court yesterday and manged to walk away with just a warning - a big sigh of relief!

Please help me with some paint ideas - I have my entire house to paint yet and I'm stuck on the 1st floor!

Much love,


  1. Picking out paint is a chore. lol
    I like the pale blue myself.
    I just painted our LR and DR a pale, pale green, and it's looks nice and clean. Makes the rooms look bigger.
    Nice car! LOL, men and their toys.
    Glad you got only a warning for the incident.

  2. Yup picking out paint is so difficult task...
    Sweet stitches on your project..
    Keep well dear
    Sending you warm hugs x

  3. Lovely new start Amanda! Men are so funny about cars, LOL. Have a great weekend!

  4. I feel your pain! When we remodeled and built on... I had WAYYYY too many decisions to make! I still don't like shopping--for anything!! I happen to have a light yellow in my kitchen, dining and living rooms and hall. Works for me... but might not for you. It really IS a personal choice. I did get samples first...(they were free, but I think they cost for 'regular' folks--hubby is a contractor). Best of luck with it all. We have to paint the upstairs someday...

  5. I have always preferred pale colors in our home. Our last home had a deep red front room already. We left it. It was a nice change, but very, very dark at night. Not that bright during the day either!

  6. I have an awful time picking colors and when we moved into this house I was stumped. I ended up calling a paint center and finding the name of a color consultant. For $75, she went through the house and picked colors going by what I had in the room, etc. Best $75 I ever spent!

  7. Now this is right up my alley! Paint colours!!!

    You have some lovely tray ceilings and unique elements in your house that is a designers paradise!

    For you TV room I would go with a light green. Perhaps an antique or slightly limey shade. Play up that lovely wooden feature!

    For you dining area I would pull from some of the colours in your light fixture if you're not going to change them! I see dark browns, reds and beige as being some colours you could play around with. I would paint the drop ceiling (yes I said ceiling) In an light light beige and then go with a darker beige on the walls. If you're feeling really adventurous you could also consider painting the wall with your cabinets in a dark red and pop a large wall hanging there with an accent light to play up the wall. Mix in accessories from all three colours on top of the cabinet and table to play up the colour pallet.

    Hope this helps in your decision!!!!

  8. So glad to hear your legal worries are over! You've been in my thoughts ever since I read your last post. Great new stitching start too! I've been needing to paint the interior of our apartment for such a long time, and I keep putting it off. I always stick to basic beige, though, so I'm afraid I'm no help if you're looking for bold colors. Good luck!

  9. Hi, Amanda, Warm colors tend to be the reds through yellows, including tans and browns. Greens and blues are cool colors, grays too, When you go to buy paint, look at what goes into it. In other words, an off-white that has blue in it is going to look cool, while if it has yellow in it will look warm.
    Hope this helps. Glad your legal worries are over.

  10. Ohhhh I laughed so much with the way you described how your husband has been adding all and everything to your car :p heheheh men!!!! ;)
    Glad to hear that everything turned out well!!

  11. I'm really relived reading that everything went well at the court. really.
    39 is not too old to play this way =D
    Mine is still in love with Lego constructions hehehe =D
    When we had our new house built about 3 years ago, it has been so difficult to choose the colours of the walls !
    Our kitchen finally went raspberry coloured =D
    With the wooden furnitures it's very beautiful (it's my kitchen I won't tell the contrary =D)
    our living room is what they call 'white chocolate' and taupe , taupe is great, not too dark

  12. I am happy that your legal worries are over now. Sounds like a sensible outcome to me.
    We have alot of dark wood here but as the house does not get much natural light we have stayed with the white/cream walls. I daren't suggest repainting as hubby favours purple!
    This property has become quite famous here, have a look and see what you think!

  13. how about cream or a colour to warm it up like peach or lemon?Love the new sampler, and your new car....:)

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