Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Do you know your ABC's?

Here is my Sarah Day Sampler, as you can see am still working on the eyelet alphabet  - has anyone dug out their Summer SANQ to start this or thinking about starting this along with me yet?  Come on .. it's easy, take you no time at all :)

next up is my Tea Shop by Bothy Threads, always a fun piece to work on.

Okay, that's all from me tonight, I have recently moved my youngest son 1year8months into the same room with his 4 year old brother and he has not yet gotten used to the change in rooms or for that matter used to sleeping with someone who insists on getting up every 5 minutes to use the bathroom!  So I am having to keep putting him back into his bed as I write this post - hopefully a few more days and he will be used to the change and then I wont have to sit outside his bedroom for hours on end waiting for him to settle down for the night - but then no-one ever said parenting was easy.
Take care everyone and thanks for looking,


  1. Oh dear! I don't miss those kind of phases Amanda. Hang in there!
    Your stitching looks great. Glad you are finding time.

  2. Great progress! Good luck with your son :D

  3. It will get easier :) hang in there!! ;)
    I'm loving the colors on your second work! Looks so fun! :D

  4. Love this sampler.
    Aww..poor baby. Hopefully he will settle in soon.

  5. That sampler looks difficult to me, not easy at all! You are so talented. The Tea Shop looks great! I can see how much stitching you've done since last week. I added the pic to the SAL page.

  6. Great stitches! Love that one from the SANQ, I will have to dig out my issue!!

  7. Sweet samer and I am lioving the tea shop so much..
    Big hugs x

  8. both pieces are looking so sweet
    so different but lovely
    great stitchings
    take care sweetie, things will soon be easy =)

  9. Great progress on both pieces Amanda. That sampler don't look very easy to me. lol


  10. Your eyelets are looking great.
    My older son was the same, I had to sit outside his room for years, luckily the computer is right outside so I could do some very quiet browsing the Internet!
    The small boy doesn't go to sleep unless one of us lies down with him. That's hubby's job while I read to the large boy.